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Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Latex-free & Powder-free

PRO Nitrile examination gloves are a latex-free and powder-free disposable glove produced from NBR (synthetic rubber), offering an excellent alternative for users that may suffer from allergies.

Soft and flexible and available in an extensive range of thicknesses, they mould to your hand for a great fit, which means they are comfortable to wear for long periods. Excellent puncture resistance and durability depending on thickness and varying levels of chemical resistance depending on your choice of glove and application.

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  UltraTOUCH UltraFLEX UltraGRIP UltraSAFE Diamond
Thickness 3 4 5 7 8.6
Glove length (cm) 24.5 24 24 28.5 24
Tensile strength
Chemical resistance


Nitrile disposable gloves are used in a variety of different environments and industries for single use jobs where comfort and protection are important, such as hospitals, surgeries, catering, cleaning, care homes, children's nurseries, beauty salons, agriculture, automotive and industrial, where the user requires hygienic protection for longer periods of time.

Suitable For Allergy Sufferers

It is often important that gloves are latex-free, as not only the user but the patient or customer that is being exposed to the gloves may also be allergic. Nitrile is also powder free. Powder (corn starch) is used when manufacturing the gloves to remove them from the moulds. Our gloves are then washed to remove the powder that can cause allergies, making our nitrile gloves a quality, low risk choice for disposable gloves.


Single use nitrile gloves are not paired and are designed to be worn on either hand. The mould creates a textured surface, usually on the fingers but sometimes all over palm textured. Nitrile gloves are typically sold in boxes of 100 gloves.

We also stock UltraTOUCH examination gloves that are packed in 200's and UltraSAFE gloves packed in 50's that have a long cuff and are much thicker. Regardless of pack size the gloves are all packed in 10 boxes per outer case. Available in a range of thicknesses, cuff lengths, protection levels and colours to suit the needs of the user.

PRO nitrile examination gloves are all tested to AQL 1.5 and powder free. We offer CAT I PPE gloves where simple, yet reliable protection is required against organic matter and CAT III PPE gloves where a greater level of protection is required against certain chemicals or in situations where an increased barrier is required to protect the user and the patient.

For more information download the Safety Data Sheet relating to each individual product or use our easy to follow glove guide to select the best glove for the level of protection required. Contact us with any queries you have and we will advise you on the most suitable glove for your application.

We also offer bulk discounts, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss.

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