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Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl powder-free gloves are a popular, cheap disposable glove offering hygienic protection in a low cost, close-fitting glove. Typically packed in a dispenser box of 100 vinyl gloves, available to buy as single boxes or in bulk, packed in cases of 10 to make a total of 1000 gloves per outer carton. We stock Clear and Blue vinyl, in all sizes; Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

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Vinyl gloves are produced from a synthetic material called PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) blended with plasticisers to give a soft and flexible close fitting glove. Vinyl gloves, being entirely synthetic do not contain any natural rubber and therefore are an option for users who may suffer from latex protein allergy. Vinyl gloves have a relatively low tensile strength, offer no significant protection against chemicals or solvents, and therefore are only appropriate for minimal risk tasks.

Powder, in the form of corn starch, is used to assist in the removal and extraction of each glove from the porcelain former used in the manufacturing process. The powder is removed by washing the glove prior to packing. Although relatively close-fitting, vinyl gloves have only limited elasticity and therefore we recommend going up a size if difficult to put on.   

Clear Vinyl gloves are worn in a diverse range of applications and environments such as catering, care homes, beauty salons, schools and children's nurseries where basic user protection is required. The main area of application for Blue vinyl gloves is in the food industry where food processing or preparation tasks necessitate simple and hygienic protection to reduce cross contamination and transfer of bacteria. 

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