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Latex Gloves

Latex Disposable Gloves

Powder-free Natural Rubber

Latex gloves are popular due to their combination of excellent tactility and comfort, whilst protecting your hands. Latex gloves are made from natural rubber sourced from tree sap, offering a traditional disposable glove material to help protect the wearers hand and wrists from biological materials such as bacteria and viruses, bodily fluids, as well as some chemicals including alcohol, oil and detergents.

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Plastic free, natural rubber gloves main advantage is that they are a extremely tactile glove, very stretchy and with increased tensile strength. Latex gloves offer increased sensitivity to the wearer and do not restrict movement, giving the advantage of comfort when worn for extended periods of time. Latex gloves offer a smooth finish on both the finger tips and palms, with beaded cuffs for easy donning and doffing. Another advantage of latex gloves is that they are often considered a more eco friendly disposable glove option as they are made from a renewable source.

Powder free, PRO natural latex rubber gloves are washed several times to remove the powder which can sometimes cause allergies in some users. Latex gloves are not suitable for use with latex allergy sufferers.

Suitable for food preparation.

If you are buying in bulk, please contact us for volume based discounts.

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