PRO UltraSAFE Violet Long Cuff Nitrile Gloves

Powder-free, thick and protective gloves for more demanding situations

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PRO UltraSAFE Violet Long Cuff Nitrile Gloves

Our UltraSAFE nitrile gloves are 6 mil thick, with an extra long 7.6cm (3") cuff. Liked by farmers because water is less likely to leak in through the cuff and ambulance services for their extra protection.

These gloves are also the perfect beekeepers glove due to the colour, long cuff and sensitivity. If you would like a sample to see just how comfortable these gloves are, please contact us.

Please note that these gloves are now packed in boxes of 50 gloves due to their thickness.

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Customer Product Reviews

Graham Schofield   6 March 2017

I bought these gloves for beekeeping and have found them to be the best on the market for that purpose. The long cuff means that they sit nicely under the sleeves of my jacket, and they are thin enough to feel what you are doing but thick enough to keep out the stings, perfect! They are also reusable to a point so a box lasts a long time making them excellent value for money.

Sue Staples   10 March 2017

An excellent glove to use in the milking parlour if you prefer a long cuff

Anonymous   5 July 2017

Ordered the extra long cuffs for beekeeping. Excellent fit and the additional cuff length fits snugly.

Kevin Horner   5 April 2017

Very popular glove in the beekeeping world with excellent dexterity

Kevin Horner   5 April 2017

I use these gloves regularly for beekeeping, excellent quality at a good price

Mr Andy Wattam   25 August 2018

Good Product - very effective for Beekeeping Use.

Joanne Harvey   25 March 2019

Comfortable thick gloves used for milking cows. Very good quality