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PRO UltraFLEX Blue Nitrile Gloves
PRO UltraFLEX Blue Nitrile Gloves
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PRO UltraFLEX Blue Nitrile Gloves

An excellent value blue glove

Blue nitrile gloves are commonly used for many different tasks and are the most popular colour. Not all disposable blue gloves are the same. PRO UltraFLEX Blue disposable nitrile offer superior quality, are latex-free, comfortable and flexible with textured fingers for better grip.

  • Extra flexible
  • Textured fingers
  • Beaded cuffs
  • Powder free
  • UKCA
  • AQL 1.5
  • Not made from natural rubber latex
  • Approved for food contact EN 1186
  • Compliant with PPE Category I (EU) 2016/425, EN 420


Robust yet extremely flexible, with beaded cuffs for effortless donning. Popular for many applications that require protection. They are comfortable, strong, and secure, making them a top choice for personal safety.

Single-use nitrile that is flexible, providing comfort for extended use. Safe for food handling and appropriate for individuals allergic to natural rubber latex.

PRO UltraFLEX blue nitrile disposable gloves deliver durability, comfort, and quality at an affordable price. They offer great value without sacrificing safety.

100 gloves per box, with 10 boxes of 100 per full case. 

The best quality

Medeiros Beauty limited
6 May 2024

Good quality gloves for there price

Matthew Woods
29 April 2024

Good quality gloves for there price

Matthew Woods
29 April 2024

Good quality gloves for there price

Matthew Woods
29 April 2024

In the ever-important quest for hygiene and safety in both professional and home environments, these blue nitrile gloves from the Hygiene Depot have proven to be a standout choice. What immediately sets them apart is their superior durability. Unlike many other gloves that tear easily, these gloves can withstand rigorous tasks and provide excellent protection against a variety of chemicals and pathogens. Comfort is another key feature of these nitrile gloves. They fit snugly on the hands without being too tight, ensuring that they can be worn for extended periods without discomfort. This is a game changer especially for professionals in healthcare, beauty, and cleaning industries where gloves are worn almost all the time. The gloves' textured fingertips deserve a special mention. This thoughtful design enhances grip and dexterity, making precise tasks much easier. Whether it’s handling tools, preparing food, or performing delicate medical procedures, these gloves enhance performance rather than hinder it. Furthermore, for those concerned about allergies, the latex-free nature of these gloves is a blessing. It’s great to see that Hygiene Depot is considerate about users' health beyond just the direct protection gloves offer. Lastly, the ease of use and disposability, combined with their eco-friendlier packaging, align well with sustainable practices, which is increasingly important. In conclusion, whether you're a professional seeking reliable barrier protection or a home user looking for strong, comfortable gloves for everyday tasks, these blue nitrile gloves from Hygiene Depot are an excellent choice. They tick all the boxes for safety, comfort, functionality, and environmental consideration, making them a must-have in any setting where hygiene is a priority.

19 April 2024

Quality at a great price.

Stephen Green
30 May 2023


Joseph Priest
10 February 2023

Exceptional strength and quality, so will continue repeat orders.

Arthur Nicol
6 February 2023


Shiny star Shiny star
17 December 2022

Good qualtity gloves

Nan's Nice Cakes
21 October 2022

Extra large ARE extra large, very please with gloves

21 October 2022

Good quality and good value

The Little Cottage Cleaning Company
1 October 2022

They were the right price compared to my previous supplier

Roys of Aldershot
15 August 2022

good quality, great price.

Cardway Cartons Ltd
11 July 2022

They are just as described, thanks!

Julie Barnes
30 May 2022

Good value for money product, like all PE gloves these are not perhaps as good as they once were but still reasonable for the price.

25 May 2022

Great product fair price

Site One Ltd
23 May 2022

Good quality at a very reasonable price compared to some other suppliers.

Winterton C E Infants School
5 May 2022

Good quality at a very reasonable price compared to some other suppliers.

Winterton C E Infants School
5 May 2022

Good fit and very durable

Alan Thomson
28 October 2021

Not bad but could be stronger

27 September 2021

Perfect and was reasonably priced.

24 September 2021

Blue nitrile gloves appear of a better quality than the black nitrile gloves seem stronger and don't split so easily.

10 July 2021

Excellent quality gloves

The Inns Court Community and Family Centre
4 May 2021

Great gloves

surrey hills chiropractic clinic
27 April 2021

Super comfortable and strong

Wayne Healy
16 October 2020

Excellent with regards to protection and quality

Kath Mullock Home Care Limited
3 October 2020

A very versatile glove providing great dexterity and quality.

Ronald Bell
22 May 2020

Excellent, better than the ones I have been using? Tx

11 January 2018

Just the strong quality I wanted.

David Hindle
3 March 2017

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