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PRO Natural White 2 Ply Autocut Roll Towel 20cm x 150m
PRO Natural White 2 Ply Autocut Roll Towel 20cm x 150m
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PRO Natural White 2 Ply Autocut Roll Towel 20cm x 150m

Plastic Free Bonded 2 ply paper that provides a luxurious way to dry hands.

PRO Natural White 2 Ply Autocut Roll Towel is the perfect solution for all your hand drying needs. Made from high-quality, bonded 2 ply paper, in plastic-free packaging, this towel offers a luxurious and eco-friendly way to dry your hands.

With its absorbent and soft texture, your hands are dried quickly and efficiently. The unperforated roll towel is designed to provide a seamless drying experience, ensuring that every inch of your hands is thoroughly dried.

What sets this towel apart is its unique TAD (Through Air Drying) paper technology. This innovative process gives the towel extra thickness and absorbency, making it even more effective at soaking up moisture.

Not only does the PRO Natural White 2 Ply Autocut Roll Towel deliver exceptional performance, but it also prioritizes sustainability. 100% plastic-free packaging, together with 100% renewable energy used throughout the manufacturing process in an audited carbon netural setting, PRO Natural White Autocut Roll Towel helps reduce environmental waste and promotes a greener future.

Whether you're in a busy restaurant, office, or any other high-traffic area, this roll towel is a reliable and hygienic choice. Its autocut feature ensures that each sheet is dispensed smoothly, minimizing waste and maintaining cleanliness.

Upgrade your hand drying experience with the PRO Natural White 2 Ply Autocut Roll Towel. Its superior quality, thickness, and absorbency will leave your hands feeling dry and clean. This is the ultimate solution for a truly luxurious hand drying experience.

Manufactured in a zero emissions, carbon neutral factory and plastic-free for an environmentally friendly choice. FSC and EcoLabel accredited.

In excess of 600 sheets per roll when used in conjunction with our Autocut dispenser. 6 rolls per pack, 20cm by 150m per roll.

If you want to understand the difference you are making choosing PRO Natural, you can also download the PRO Certificate of Usage that illustrates how many kilograms of plastic you save, litres of water and tonnes of CO2, based on your usage.

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