SkyTech Blue Centrefeed Roll 2 Ply Recycled 20cm x 150m

Perforated 429 sheets per roll, glued and embossed quality tissue, with easy snap perforations

  2 customer reviews

This is one of our best selling 2 ply blue centrefeed rolls. It is always made for us on the same paper machine, using 100% recycled Tetrapack cartons, so you can be sure the quality is totally consistent (many suppliers use spot market base sheet from different paper makers). The recycled Tetrapack board produces a strong, highly absorbent tissue, and this paper is used in a number of our 2 and 3 ply industrial wiping rolls as well.

Suitable for most jobs, drying hands, wiping machinery, or drying cows' udders! If you are looking for speedier absorption, consider a white pure pulp product. If even more strength is needed, look at our 3 ply Tufcel centrefeed rolls.

SkyTech Blue Centrefeed Roll 2 Ply Recycled 20cm x 150m
Price: £14.81 inc. VAT: £17.77

Units: 1 pack of 6 rolls

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Customer Product Reviews

David Hindle   3 March 2017

Strong and absorbent just the right quality I need. Good perforations giving good separation of sheets, torn frustrating half sheets.

Anonymous   30 April 2017

Have ordered these many times, seem to be a decent product, good value for money, what else can I ask for.