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Translucent White Autocut Roll Towel Dispenser
Translucent White Autocut Roll Towel Dispenser
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Translucent White Autocut Roll Towel Dispenser

Stylish and durable dispenser that is lockable and simple to change roll

A manual, mechanical dispenser that cuts off a predetermined length of towel and the action of pulling the towel through presents the start of the next towel for the user. The momentary delay slows down the rate of usage, and can be varied, as can the sheet length. 

Once the roll is nearing the end, the remaining 'stub' roll can be dropped down to the base of the dispenser and a new full roll inserted in its place. The dispenser will continue to dispense towel from the stub roll until it is completely used, before switching to the new roll. This increases efficiency by ensuring that the entire roll is used before being replaced.

  • Lockable units to reduce the risk of damage/pilfering
  • Stylish, durable, transparent cover – frosted finish to prevent surface scratches
  • Simple to change roll
  • High capacity means less refills are required
  • Compact design, reduced depth from the wall

Dimensions: 410 x 300 x 235mm (H x W x D)

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