Paper Towels

Choose from our comprehensive range of paper towels to fit all makes of dispenser, from economical 100% recycled 1 ply paper towels through to luxury soft 3 ply pure tissue and airlaid fabric quality in various sizes.

C-Fold paper towels have in the past been the most widely used, but are being superseded by interfolded paper towels in various formats which dispense more efficiently, offering a new towel to the next user. C fold towels are usually a little larger when opened out than other formats.

Interfold, V fold or single fold paper towels are the most economical system. The folded depth is greater than C Fold or Z/M Fold towels, so dispensers stick out from the wall a little more. Each towel pulls out a panel of the next towel for easier dispensing and reduced wastage.

Z, M or N fold paper hand towels will fit easliy into most C-fold dispensers so they can be readily substituted. Like Interfold towels they "self present" ready for the next user. Z and N Fold towels have a 3 panel / 2 fold fromat, generally similar in size to Interfold at 23x23cm. M Fold have a 4th panel and are closer to C Fold in size when opened flat.

Slimfold paper towels use a smart dispenser that only protrudes 8cm from the wall, making it ideal for surgeries and anywhere that space is at a premium.We have introduced this new format to the UK. 

Roll towel systems slow down towel usage and can control wastage. Both mechanical and battery operated electronic "no touch" versions are available.

To avoid mess in the washroom make sure there are enough substantial bins for the towel waste. See our sacks and bin liners section. 

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