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PRO Natural Z-Fold 2 Ply Paper Towel
PRO Natural Z-Fold 2 Ply Paper Towel
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Units: 3000 towels

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PRO Natural Z-Fold 2 Ply Paper Towel

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Introducing PRO Natural Z-Fold Paper Towels, the eco-friendly and efficient solution for all your hand-drying needs. Crafted from recycled cardboard drinks cartons which gives them their natural unbleached look and packaged in recyclable cardboard. PRO Natural Z-Fold Paper Towels are the perfect eco-conscious choice, without compromising on quality.

PRO Natural Z-Fold Paper Towels are also soft and gentle on your skin. The premium-quality recycled pulp ensures a luxurious and comfortable drying experience, while maintaining high durability. Each sheet is designed to deliver maximum absorbency, ensuring efficient and thorough hand drying each time.

With each pull, a fresh Z-fold towel conveniently unfolds, ready for use, avoiding waste. PRO Natural paper towels are perfect for use in any setting - from busy offices to hospitality and catering environments.

By transforming discarded drink cartons into high-quality paper towels, these products help reduce waste and minimise our environmental impact. Now you can enjoy superior hand-drying performance while making a positive contribution to sustainability.

Each towel is 20.3 x 22.5cm unfolded and 20.3 x 7.8cm folded. Each case contains 15 sleeves of 200 towels, giving 3000 towels in total.

Very reasonably priced, genuinely recycled, effective hand towels.

Dorset Acupuncture Centre
2 June 2024

Quality product, easy to use.

Pan Intercultural Arts
17 November 2022

Excellent product. Works well in a variety of towel dispensers

26 August 2022

Used this product before and now reordered again. What more can I say.

Oracle Ear Care
2 April 2022

Good quality paper towel that now fits my slim dispenser. Good price and no unnecessary bleaching, so win, win.

Oracle Ear Care
19 August 2021

Great, very absorbent and an environmentally friendly product!

Megan Davies
27 April 2021

These are great eco friendly towels and much stronger than my previous ones. Fit very nicely in my compact dispenser will buy again and thoroughly recommend.

14 February 2021

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