Foam Backed Scourers
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Foam Backed Scourers

Heavy duty scourer on a foam back, 14cm x 8.5cm x 3cm

Foam backed scourers are a popular cleaning tool used for tackling general grime, food deposits and tough stains in various household and kitchen settings. Durable, heavy duty and non scratch, foam backed scourers comprise of a yellow foam layer for a gentler clean and a green scourer for tougher deposits and debris, such as burnt on food.

Foam backed scourers are large and bendable, yet still retain their form. Great quality for a longer lasting surface cleaner. The foam back ensures that it is comfortable to grip and provides a cushioning effect, making it easier to apply pressure and scrub surfaces without causing any damage to the surface being cleaned.

The scouring pad is made from polyester offering a more abrasive clean on stubborn dirt. Suitable for most cleaning applications, a versatile and effective cleaning solution for a range of surfaces and messes.

14cm x 8.5cm x 3cm, sold in packs of 10.

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