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EcoNatural 250 Sheet 3 Ply Toilet Rolls
EcoNatural 250 Sheet 3 Ply Toilet Rolls
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Units: 5 packs of 6 rolls

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EcoNatural 250 Sheet 3 Ply Toilet Rolls

Extra soft (811929)

Extra soft 3 ply toilet rolls, made from recycled drinks cartons. One of the most eco-friendly options available. Each roll is made up of 250, 3 ply sheets. Each case contains 5 packs of 6 rolls (30 rolls per case). FSC and EU Ecolabel certified.

The cardboard used in drinks cartons is of high quality and made from pure pulp meaning that EcoNatural paper is one of the softest, strongest and most absorbent recycled tissues available. It is also unbleached, again reducing the environmental impact and giving the tissue its natural colour. Avoid landfill, save trees and reduce CO2.


First time we have ordered this product, but very satisfied. Good to know its made from unbleached recycled material.

Oracle Ear Care
2 April 2022

Great products.Highly recommended.

14 March 2022

Great product.

8 November 2021

I really like this loo roll. The rolls themselves are very environmentally friendly as they are made out of recycled coffee cups. The paper is very soft to use too. I gave them just 3 out of 5 stars because there is a lot of plastic wrap in the bundle. One around the whole bundle and then wraps for each block of 4 rolls. If the company can sort this out, they will get a 5 star rating from me next time.

Fiona Bullock
5 November 2021