A range of top quality professional scouring products designed to make cleaning easier without damaging surfaces. 

Scourers are a cleaning essential in households, office kitchens, catering facilities and industrial applications. Suitable for removing food and cleaning cookware as well as dirt and grime from industrial utensils.

Foam backed scourers and green scourers are suitable for most cleaning applications, due in part to their non-rigid nature. Useful for cleaning in harder to reach spaces.

Foam backed scourers enable the user to switch between the rough green scourer and a softer sponge for cleaning. The green scourer has a larger scouring surface and are foldable.

Stainless steel scourers are suitable for removal of tough stains, tough dried on food or dirt on most baking trays, grills and barbeques, oven shelves, utensils etc.

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Stainless steel scourers are the most abrasive of the scourers. Check before using that they are suitable for your surface and when using avoid scouring once the debris has been lifted, as you risk taking the original surface away. We recommend testing a small area first. Do not use on polished stainless steel as this may leave scratches or dullen the surface.

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