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EcoNatural V-Fold 2 Ply Paper Hand Towels
EcoNatural V-Fold 2 Ply Paper Hand Towels
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Units: 3800 towels

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EcoNatural V-Fold 2 Ply Paper Hand Towels

Narrow width (863044)

Designed to fit narrower dispensers, EcoNatural V-Fold 2 Ply Paper Hand Towels offer tremendous value for money and are environmentally friendly. 20 sleeves of 190 towels, 3800 towels per case. Each towel is approximately 21 x 21cm when unfolded (21 x 10.5cm folded). FSC and EU Ecolabel certified.

EcoNatural tissue is made from recycled drinks cartons making them extremely eco-friendly. The cardboard used in drinks cartons is of high quality and made from pure pulp meaning that this paper is one of the softest, strongest and most absorbent recycled tissues available. The EcoNatural tissue is unbleached, again reducing the environmental impact and giving the tissue its natural colour.

Good product and serves our purpose very well

Made in Hackney
12 June 2023

Very absorbent, everyone is happy! We have reordered.

19 May 2023

I have had no complaints from any staff members regarding the paper towels.

21 November 2022

I cannot at this time see above

Philip Duncan
4 November 2022

good eco friendly product

Made in Hackney
24 October 2022

Great Eco Towels

Made in Hackney
19 May 2022

Used this product before and now reordered again. What more can I say.

Oracle Ear Care
2 April 2022

Wasn't aware that they were not white and they are about an Ince shorter then what I needed.

26 December 2021

Good quality paper towel, dispenses well whilst feeding out the next towel fold. Good to have a produce that I know isn't causing damage to the environment due to unnecessary bleaching, especially at a great price.

Oracle Ear Care
19 August 2021

I liked the eco-credentials of the product The size is fine but it takes a little practice to pull the towels from the dispenser with wet hands. I would order them again.

Aidan Winder
2 August 2021

Good quality paper. Unfolds from dispenser without waste. Customers appreciate eco friendly product.

Low Greenside Farm Campsite
24 July 2021

We are saving money while also helping to save the planet by using a recycled product which is not bleached or dyed yet softer and stronger - what's not to like?

David A. Farrer Ltd
5 March 2021

Soft to the touch, reasonably-priced, and environmentally-responsible, which is just what I was looking for. They also don't tend to come out of the paper dispenser in a clump (unlike the last brand I used) so there's less mess and less waste.

10 February 2020

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