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EcoNatural Unbleached 2 Ply Couch Roll 59cm x 70m
EcoNatural Unbleached 2 Ply Couch Roll 59cm x 70m
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Units: 1 pack of 6 rolls

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EcoNatural Unbleached 2 Ply Couch Roll 59cm x 70m

190 sheets per roll. Extra width & extra length.

Lucart EcoNatural 2 ply couch rolls wider and longer than average couch rolls, made from 100% recycled drinks cartons and provide high quality, recycled paper free from bleaches and dyes. Each roll is 59cm wide and 70m long with 190 sheets per roll. Each sheet is approximately 59 x 37cm. Each case contains 6 rolls. Outer case is perforated to provide easily accessible storage of the rolls. Ecolabel and FSC accredited. Avoid landill, save trees, reduce CO2.

Great product

Massage Direct
22 January 2022

I'm really pleased with the quality of these couch rolls. I chose them firstly because I wanted to switch to a more environmentally-friendly product and I already use and love this company's hand towels. But I would now also choose them based on the quality of the paper. They are a little thicker and less flimsy than couch rolls I've used before. They're soft and comfortable and don't rip easily when the patient moves around on the couch. I thought that they were quite a bit more expensive than other couch rolls I've used but I actually think they are comparable as each roll has a lot more squares that ones I've used previously. I'd definitely recommend. The only thing I would change is for the rolls to come in a paper, rather than a plastic wrap.

Fiona Bullock
5 November 2021