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PRO Natural 2 Ply Centrefeed Roll 19cm x 135m
PRO Natural 2 Ply Centrefeed Roll 19cm x 135m
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Units: 1 pack of 6 rolls

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PRO Natural 2 Ply Centrefeed Roll 19cm x 135m

Natural color & Plastic-free

PRO Natural 2 ply Centrefeed Rolls consist of high-quality, extremely soft, long, strong, and absorbent embossed tissue. Manufactured in a carbon neutral setting and plastic-free. Environmentally friendly pure pulp tissue, that doesn't compromise on quality. Designed to fit standard centrefeed dispensers.

PRO Natural 2 ply Centrefeed Rolls are not only environmentally friendly, but also practical for a variety of uses. The embossed texture adds absorbency and strength, ensuring durability even when wet. Whether in a professional kitchen, a busy office, workshop or even at home, these rolls are versatile and convenient.

The wood pulp remains unbleached, giving it its natural color and further adding to its zero emmissions, plastic-free, eco-credentials. All PRO Natural products carry the prestigious EU EcoLabel certification, one of the highest awards for environmental compliance. Food safe.

19 x 30.3cm per sheet, 445 sheets per roll (perforated) 135m per roll. 6 rolls per case.

See the difference you are making choosing PRO Natural, by downloading the PRO Certificate of Usage that illustrates how many kilograms of plastic you save, litres of water and tonnes of CO2, based on your usage.

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