PRO Premium Easipull 2 Ply White Paper Hand Towel
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PRO Premium Easipull 2 Ply White Paper Hand Towel

Full size pure pulp Interfold hand towel. Soft and micro-embossed for a luxurious feel.

For those wanting a more pleasurable hand drying experience, this towel is very soft. The absorbent tissue plies have been glued together and micro-embossed to produce a luxurious towel that quickly dries wet hands.

Like all Easipull V-fold or Interfold hand towels, it dispenses easily, presenting a new flap to the next user. Premium quality and excellent value for money. Ideal for offices, surgeries, hotels and restaurants. Softer towels are recommended for staff who have to wash their hands frequently during the day.

This version is a full width towel and is approximately 25 x 11.5cm when folded and 25 x 23cm when unfolded.

Elizabeth Ardus   4 March 2018

Lovely and soft so dries hands well

Anonymous   19 March 2018

Good quality, soft paper hand towels.

Anonymous   18 May 2018

Good sized soft towel, no reason to change from this product.

Jackie Ryland   16 September 2019

Excellent value. Does what is intended.

Elizabeth Ardus   31 January 2019

Not too stiff, dry well

Hany Saleh   23 April 2019

Good quality paper towel.

Anonymous   24 April 2019

These are your better than average paper towels that feel good and do a good job.

Anonymous   5 June 2018

These paper towels are good value and really pleasant to use

Brian Bennett   26 June 2017

The Paper Hand Towels are a good quality product for the price. They are soft but strong and fit the dispenser well.

Anonymous   6 July 2017

Good quality, reasonable price

Anonymous   7 April 2017

only positive comments from users

Elizabeth Ardus   10 November 2019

Find these are good absorbent hand towels

Marcus Sarfarazi   30 September 2019

Good value for money.

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