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Luxury 3 Ply and Airlaid Paper Hand Towels

Looking for paper hand towel washroom supplies or disposable salon towels that are at another level of luxury? Then our range of 3 ply and Airlaid paper towels could be the just the answer.

High quality washroom and hand care products are a great way of creating a good impression with your visitors and clientele. Luxury disposable hand towels are frequently found in the best hotels and restaurants as well as high-end corporate office washrooms, 3 ply paper hand towels can be dispensed from a wide range of standard hand towel dispensers, whilst Airlaid luxury hand towels can be stacked neatly near the sink as a replacement for linen towels.

Airlaid Salon Towels are luxurious yet disposable highly absorbent towels, yet their main feature is that the towel is used once and disposed of hygienically (also true of paper and airlaid hand towels).

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3 Ply Paper Hand Towels

Our 3 ply hand towels are 50% thicker than a typical 2 ply towel, a luxury paper towel offering superior softness and absorbency. Available in M fold format, the extra panel offers a larger sheet size than standard hand towels, ensuring a luxurious hand drying experience, whilst economically requiring less towels. 

Airlaid Towels

One thick single ply of pure cellulose, Airlaid technology uses short fibres and air to 'plump' the towel, making it softer and more absorbent than all other disposable paper hand towels alternatives. A high quality, disposable, alternative to standard launderable linen hand towels.

As well as the Airlaid hand towels, we also supply Airtech Pro Salon Towels (43 x 77cm) made using the same Airlaid technology that guarantees excellent softness and absorbency. An ideal replacement for launderable linen towels, that can often look bleach stained in salons or as a disposable towel option for offices with showers or gymnasiums. 

Contact us and discuss your requirements and we will recommend the right towel for your needs.

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