Bliss 2 ply 50 sheet Kitchen Rolls
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Bliss 2 ply 50 sheet Kitchen Rolls

6 packs of 4 rolls

2 ply plain white, embossed and unprinted kitchen rolls. 10m per roll, 4 rolls per pack, 6 packs per case. Excellent value, 100% virgin tissue.

Adam Stokes   7 March 2017

Great value

Andrew Harbert   7 March 2017

very good

Susan Billows   6 March 2017

Not the best but certainly very good and reasonably priced .. would buy again

Fawaad Moied   6 March 2017

If your looking for that quilted extra large fragrant types you can get, this is not it but is more than good enough for everyday general use.

Sarah Lachhab   16 February 2017

It could be nice to receive them without packaging inside the cardboard box

Sarah Lachhab   31 March 2017


Margaret Platt   27 June 2017

would be interested when these are on offer

Sarah Lachhab   13 July 2017


Anonymous   9 May 2018

would be more useful to have them packed in 100 sheet rolls

Anonymous   6 December 2018

Detailed descriptions for every product in terms of its sizing and length compared to many other sites where you arent sure exactly what you're getting - and very quick to deliver items.

Ken Starnes   10 February 2020

They do the job and I haven't had any complaints.

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