Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue

2 ply tissue, each sheet is 10.2 x 19.5cm with 250 sheets per pack

Price: from £14.75 from inc. VAT: £17.70

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Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue

Bulk pack interleaved tissue is popular in all sorts of situations, from hotels and restaurants, to offices and motorway service areas. Each large sheet is separate and interleaved with the next one for easy dispensing. 

The tissue is mainly recycled, but has some pure pulp to ensure that it dissolves easily and quickly. 

There are 36 packs of 250 sheets in a case.

Customer Product Reviews

Sarah Lachhab   16 February 2017

It is a good price for the quality of it. Convenient to receive it in big cardboard boxes !

Sarah Lachhab   31 March 2017


Sarah Lachhab   13 July 2017


Carl Haynes   7 March 2017

We use the leaf toilet tissue on the campsite. It is by far the best option as rolls are used very quickly and the amount of tissue used can often cause blockages in the system. This does not happen with the leaf tissue. The quality is every bit as good as a soft roll tissue.

Kenneth Black   28 December 2017

Still quite good but last couple of batches paper seems to have got thinner (or weaker) which can be a problem given its purpose.