Disposable Cloths

A range of non-woven fabric cloths and rolls for primarily wet environments. Also a choice of thicknesses, from an economy multipurpose cloth, up to a heavy duty catercloth which can be laundered several times.

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Colour coding cleaning materials and equipment ensures that these items are not used in multiple areas, therefore reducing the risk of cross-infection. This is especially important when cleaning within the medical field or food industry. All cleaning materials and equipment, for example, cloths (re-usable and disposable), mops, buckets, aprons and gloves, should be colour coded.

Red Most often used in high-sanitary (high risk for the spread of infection) applications or in restroom cleaning, such as with toilets and urinals.
Yellow For sinks, counters and washroom surfaces; also used for specialty cleaning (counters, mirrors), gym areas and metal works.
Blue In lower-risk areas of a building, such as desktops, ledges, window cleaning and high and low dusting.
Green Used in food-processing and food-serving areas, as well as bar areas.
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