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Industrial Wipers & Cotton Rags

Industrial Wipers & Cotton Rags

A variety of wipers for industrial and automotive applications or for tasks that require a heavy-duty wiping cloth.

The range includes extremely low-linting industrial wipers, meltblown spirit wipers and traditional assorted cotton rags suitable for a range of cleaning applications.

Meltblown sprit wipers or solvent wipes are specialist cloths used in pre-cleaning and degreasing specifically used in body shops and garages, but also suited to cleaning machinery and equipment that is contaminated with grease and oil in industrial settings.

Industrial Non-Woven Wipers offering a genuine cleaning rag alternative. Suitable for cleaning, polishing and absorbing oil and grease, as an industrial wipe, body shop cloth and garage wipe. Also suitable for general cleaning due to its chemical resistance and strength when wet and dry.

Traditional Cotton Assorted Rags are still popular, due to their strength and absorbency, both wet and dry. Textile wipers are also made from recycling unwanted textile items.

All our wipers and rags are used in technical applications, cleaning tools, surfaces, machinery and equipment. Also used in many cleaning and janitorial tasks where extra durability is required.

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