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Latex gloves are popular due to their combination of excellent tactility, grip and comfort. For those that suffer from latex allergies we recommend our Pro Ultrathin Nitrile gloves.

Powder Free Latex Gloves
These are preferred by most people because the washing process reduces the latex proteins present in the gloves reducing the allergy risk. They are also microroughened (or microtextured) to give good grip where fluids are present, and meet AQL 1.5 production quality standards, as well as EN 455-1,2 & 3 European standards. The key features of latex gloves:

  • excellent grip and close fit
  • become tacky in contact with oils, soaps or chemicals, so choose nitrile in that type of application
  • most suited to medical use

Powdered Latex Gloves
We supply a non-medical grade for hand protection in areas such as garages, farms, and light industrial processes, and a thicker, medical grade for some markets such as vets and tattooists. These both have a smooth finish.

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