Latex Gloves

Latex gloves have, until recent years, been the most popular type of disposable glove due to their combination of excellent tactility, grip and comfort. In the past latex has been the glove of choice in clinical environments with doctors and dentists. One major downside has been that residual latex proteins can cause a reaction in those people who suffer from latex allergies, consequently many organisations have banned their use. This has prompted a rise in the use of alternatives such as powder-free nitrile gloves, particularly the new generation of softer, more tactile gloves such as PRO Ultrathin Nitrile. As global nitrile production volumes increase, so the price difference with latex gloves has all but disappered.

Powdered Latex Gloves We supply a non-medical grade for hand protection in areas such as garages, farms, and light industrial processes, and a thicker, medical grade for some markets such as vets and tattooists. These both have a smooth finish.

Powder Free Latex Gloves These are preferred by most people because the washing process reduces the latex proteins present in the gloves, and thus the allergy risk is reduced. They are also microroughened (or microtextured) to give good grip where fluids are present, and meet AQL 1.5 production quality standards, as well as EN 455-1,2 &3 European standards. Main features are:
• Excellent grip and close fit.
• Become tacky in contact with oils, soaps or chemicals, so choose nitrile in that type of application.
• Most suited to medical use. Nitrile gloves are more robust for industrial applications.

Latex Allergies If you would like to know more about latex allergies click the following links and

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