All types of Disposable Gloves: Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl

Our disposable glove range includes latex gloves, vinyl gloves (PVC), nitrile gloves and polythene gloves, to meet every application. The majority are medical grade Class 1 Medical Devices, meeting AQL1.5 quality standards, and complying with EN455-1 & 2, EN374-1,2 & 3, and EN420 European standards.
Our gloves are made for us under our “Pro” brand by leading worldwide suppliers, and we think you will find our quality is on a par with the top brands, despite our low prices. We can supply free samples on request for you to try, as we are confident you will agree!
Polythene Gloves A low cost way to keep your hands clean. Ideal for deli counters, garage forecourts, hairdressers, decorators. Not recommended as protection against infection
Vinyl Gloves The next step up from polythene gloves . Not very close fitting but economical. Blue Vinyl gloves are popular in the food industry. Stretch vinyl gloves (also known as Synthetic or Synmax gloves) offer a better fit for a small premium.
Latex Gloves Traditionally the glove of choice of the medical profession, because of their close fit and excellent tactility. Some people are allergic to latex, although today’s powder free gloves have much reduced levels of the latex proteins that cause the problem.
Nitrile Gloves We stock the widest range in the country of thicknesses and colours, in both long and short cuff varieties. Nitrile gloves have the best strength and resistance to chemicals, oils etc. Nitrile gloves can now rival latex for tactility, sensitivity and fit, as well as price, while also being completely latex free. Sterile Nitrile gloves are also available.

We also have a small selection of work gloves (Rigger, Knit-Wrist etc) in the Protective Clothing section

Powdered or Powder Free Gloves? Originally gloves were powdered with corn starch to make them easier to don and absorb sweat, but recent manufacturing techniques mean that powder free gloves now slip on quite easily. Since the NHS has banned the use of powdered gloves (because of possible wound contamination) their use has declined dramatically, and is now mainly confined to some industrial applications, because they are slightly cheaper than powder free. The corn starch can also cause irritation to the hands.

Sizes Our medical gloves all come in 5 sizes, Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Glove Weights As with every product, suppliers can vary their prices dramatically by changing the amount of raw material in their glove. For example, a Medium size latex glove can typically weigh between 5g and 6.5g, a 30% difference. (our powder free latex are 5.8g). At 5g, the glove would not meet most European standards for medical grade gloves. Some manufacturers also use fillers to bulk up the product, resulting in a weaker, less stretchy glove.

Latex Allergies If you would like to know more about latex allergies click here -

Glove Dispensers Wall mounted dispensers are available for most of our gloves.