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Nitrile gloves are latex free and are probably the best overall disposable glove solution, offering good strength and resistance to oils and chemicals. We think our nitrile gloves are more comfortable to wear than any others, so please ask for a free sample and see for yourself. All our PRO Nitrile gloves are powder-free, medical grade, tested to AQL 1.5 standards. Comparing them with medical grade latex gloves, PRO nitrile gloves are:

  • more resistant to chemicals and oils
  • more comfortable in use 
  • cheaper like for like
  • similar in fit and tactility
  • roughened on the fingers for better grip
  • latex free for those with latex allergy issues

Which glove is right for me?

PRO Ultrathin Nirile Gloves – White, Pink, and Violet
Our thinnest, stretchiest and most flexible nitrile glove range. Not to be confused with the standard blue nitrile gloves on the market, which have a reputation for being stiff and uncomfortable. PRO Ultrathin are comparable in terms of comfort to our top quality latex gloves and fit like a second skin. Choose white as the perfect latex replacement for Doctors and Dentists, or violet in clinical environments where a visual differentiation from latex is important.

PRO Ultraflex Nitrile Gloves Sky Blue
A new general purpose nitrile glove in attractive sky blue colour. A slighlty thinner and cheaper alternative to PRO Ultragrip, these are first quality AQL1.5 medical grade gloves at a very attractive price. Ideal for a host of industrial and medical users for those looking for an economy glove. 

PRO Ultragrip Nitrile GlovesBlue
Our best-selling premium quality blue nitrile glove. Now in the same super elastic material as our other gloves, with better grip than many latex gloves. 10% thicker than Ultraflex with superior tear and puncture resistance yet comfortable when worn over long periods of time. Ideal for a host of industrial and medical users, from farmers and mechanics to dentists and doctors.

PRO Ultrasoft Nitrile GlovesPink
A thick, stretchy and yet supremely soft and comfortable nitrile glove. PRO Ultrasoft gloves mould closely to the hand as they warm up. Our pink glove is one of our biggest sellers, very popular with Dental Nurses and the Beauty Industry.

PRO Ultrasafe Nitrile Gloves Violet Long Cuff
For those who need high levels of protection in the emergency service and industrial sectors. Highly chemical resistant, a heavyweight 6 mil thick, long cuff glove offering superior protection at a competitive price. 

PRO Ultratuff Long Cuff
These gloves are specifically designed for the dairy industry, but are suitable for anyone needing maximum protection. 10 mil thick black powder free nitrile gloves with a long cuff, packed in boxes of 50 gloves.

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