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The choice of toilet tissue for commercial premises can be daunting, so here is a brief guide.

Standard Toilet Rolls
We all know what these are, but they come in a bewildering array of sheet sizes, pulp qualities (pure pulp or recycled), and roll lengths. The longer the roll, the better value for money it is, because they cost less to make per metre. A good rule of thumb is that you generally get what you pay for. Standard rolls do tend to get pilfered or wasted (those spare rolls on the cistern usually find their way onto the floor!), so maybe you should consider a system of some kind to control your costs.

Jumbo Toilet Rolls
These very large rolls in a special dispenser are the most economical way of providing toilet tissue, and they ensure that cubicles don’t run out of paper. Mini Jumbo toilet rolls are usually 150-200m in length, Standard Jumbo rolls 300-350m long, and there are a few dispensers out there taking a “midi” sized roll of 250m.

Bulk Pack Toilet Paper
Widely used in hotels and offices, interleaved toilet tissue dispensed from a bulk pack dispenser is a popular solution. The dispensers are more compact than a Jumbo dispenser, and people like the individual sheets, but it is more expensive than a roll system, and the sheets don’t always dispense one at a time, leading to wastage.

Controlled Usage Systems
Our Twinmatic system always ensures there is a spare roll on hand, and our rolls will fit into a number of other similar units. The rolls are fitted with plastic spindles, which are necessary for them to fit into the dispenser, one on top of the other. As one roll is used up, the core can be removed, and the next roll drops down.

A number of dispensers on the market take coreless toilet rolls, which are pressed onto a spindle. This is a space-saving system, and our rolls will fit into most units of this type.

Versatwin or Micro Jumbo Rolls are probably the most competitive system after Jumbo toilet rolls on a price per metre basis, and offer good value for money, in a compact unit.

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