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PRO Blue 2 Ply Centrefeed Roll 23cm x 180m
PRO Blue 2 Ply Centrefeed Roll 23cm x 180m
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Units: 1 pack of 6 rolls

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PRO Blue 2 Ply Centrefeed Roll 23cm x 180m

Extra Long recycled, glued & embossed tissue

PRO 2 Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls offer great value and quality tissue. Almost 50% longer and 25% wider than most typical standard blue rolls, at an impressive 180m long and 23cm wide per roll. 100% recycled paper, two glued plies and embossed giving the paper excellent wet strength. PRO paper rolls offer superior quality, consistency and are extremely cost effective.

Standard centrefeed rolls, yet anything but standard at a full 23cm wide (compatible with most standard centrefeed dispensers) and 30m longer than the majority of blue rolls, offering superior value pro rata when compared to other centrefeed rolls. Each blue roll features a perforated and easily removable cardboard core.

Soft, yet strong tissue especially when wet. The paper holds its integrity well and is absorbent. Suitable for a variety of tasks, including cleaning, drying and wiping. The extra long roll of wiping tissue ensures that replenishment is less frequent and the larger sheet size ensures an ample hand full of tissue per perforated sheet.

PRO extra long centrefeed rolls are extremely popular with dairy farmers, industrial settings and catering due to the extra length, absorbent blue paper and superior wet strength.

2 ply recycled blue perforated centre feed tissue. 6 rolls per case. Each roll has approximately 486 perforated sheets per roll, sheet size 23 x 37cm. Each Individual roll size 23cm x 180m.

Really economic in kitchen environment.

P Levitt
3 June 2017

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