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Controlled Usage Systems

Mechanical Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser - 2083
Manual paper roll towel dispenser. Size H41cm x W30cm x D23.5cm
Autocut 1 ply Blue Roll Towel - 2476
150m of hard towelling paper similar to individual towels. With 28cm cut-off each roll will give 535 sheets - 3210 per case
Autocut 2 ply White Roll Towel - 2086
Bonded 2 ply paper that provides a luxurious way to dry hands. 175m gives approximately 3210 sheets per roll with a 28cm cut-off
Katrin System Towel Dispenser (Grey) 953036 - 2393
Controlled towel dispensing. H37cm W34cm D 23cm
Katrin Classic System Towel M2 2 Ply Blue 21cm x 130m 460256 - 1362
A quality bonded tissue towel. 565 sheets/roll 3390 per case, 21cm x 130m
Katrin Classic System Towel M2 White 460102 - 1361
A quality bonded tissue towel. 680 sheets/roll 4080 per case. 2 ply White 21cm x 160m

Ideal for factory, office and catering environments, these "no-touch" system roll dispensers control usage by automatically cutting off a towel inside the dispenser each time the paper is pulled downwards and a new piece is presented. This discourages wasteful random pulling of towels. We have two systems of this type-

Katrin System  The more expensive option, this offers two 2 ply bonded papers, in a choice of White or Blue. The dispenser is manual - each time the paper is pulled down, a further piece is presented for the next user.

Autocut System Our own alternative offers 3 very competitive papers, one 1 ply Blue, designed for use in food factories, and two 2 ply papers, one white and one blue.

There is also a choice of a manual (mechanical) autocut, and a "no-touch" battery powered electronic version.