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Our C-fold paper hand towels have a folded size of approximately 23cmx 9cm.

C-fold has been the dominant format of paper towel in the UK for many years, and we carry a wide selection in various colours and qualities. C-fold paper hand towels are so-called because in profile, the end of the towel is shaped vaguely like a 'C'.  

With C-fold hand towels the user has to reach into the dispenser to pull the towels out, and sometimes several are grabbed at once, which can lead to wastage. If the janitor happens to put them in upside down, they are impossible to get out!  We would suggest that you also have a good look at our selection of Z-fold, M-fold, V-fold and Interfold towels, all of which will dispense much more efficiently and hygienically than C-fold.


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