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Z & M Fold Towels

Satino Z-Fold 1 ply Green (recycled) - 2518
Satino brand narrow width 20.5 x 23cm, green Z-fold towel to fit popular dispensers
Satino Z-Fold 1 ply Blue (recycled) - 2572
Good value 23 x 23cm, 1 ply Z-fold towel from Satino, 100% recycled
EcoNatural Z20 Z Fold Towel - 2791
2 Ply Havana 100% recycled tissue. Fits narrow width dispensers (size 20cmx24cm)
PRO Z-Fold 1 ply White - 2550
23 x 23cm towel, for those who want a white towel at a budget price
Katrin Classic Non-Stop Z-Fold 1 ply White - 2112
Katrin branded 23.5 x 24 cm pure pulp white hand towels, code 344555
PRO Z-Fold 2 ply White (pure pulp) - 2552
PRO brand full width 23 x 23cm pure pulp Z-fold towel, excellent value.
EcoLucart Z-Fold 2 ply White (recycled) - 2712
Lucart brand 2 ply towel, 22.5 x 24cm 100% recycled, excellent value
Lucart Easy Z20 Nature 2ply (recycled) - 2799
20cm x 24cm
Lucart Strong Z20 Z-Fold 2 ply (pure pulp) - 2398
Narrow width 20.5 x 24cm quality Lucart 2 ply Z-fold towel to fit certain dispensers
Lucart No-Clog Z-Fold 2ply White - 2800
23x23.5cm (pure)
Lucart Strong Z-Fold 2 ply White (pure pulp) - 1341
A quality Z-fold under the Lucart brand, pure pulp full size 22.5 x 24cm towel
Lucart Strong M-Fold 2 ply White (pure pulp) - 2574
A larger format 4 panel, 22.5 x 32cm, 2 ply pure pulp M-fold towel. Ideal for surgeries
Strong Lucart M-Fold 3ply White (pure pulp) - 2383
Probably the best towel in the range, 3 plies of pure pulp tissue in larger 4 panel format, 22.5 x 32cm
Lucart Helix Z-fold Towel Dispenser - 1355
Lucart logo white plastic dispenser designed specifically for Z and M fold hand towels.
Mini Z-Fold 2 ply White Towel for Childrens' Nurseries - 2394
14cm x 23cm pure pulp soft Z-fold towels. Ideal for Childrens' Nurseries

Folded Size approx 23cm x 9cm

Our recommended choice because a new towel is presented when you pull one out.  Available in low cost 1 ply recycled paper, or softer, better quality 2, 3 and 4ply varieties.These towels will also fit into a C fold dispenser. They are slightly smaller than C-Fold (about 23 x 23cm rather than 23x31cm)) but one towel covers the hand quite adequately, and most people take 2 towels.

Usually known as Z-Fold although some people call them "N or M" Fold, but they are all essentially similar, with each towel folded into the next for better dispensing. M-Fold towels have an extra panel, making them similar in size to a C Fold towel at around 23x32cm.