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PRO Luxury Mild Lotion Soap
PRO Luxury Mild Lotion Soap
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Units: 6 x 800ml

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PRO Luxury Mild Lotion Soap

Pouch refills

Dispensable, sanitary sealed PRO HANDCARE Luxury Mild Lotion Soap offers a rich, deep cleansing lather with every hand wash. Pleasantly fragranced, ph-balanced, with mosturisers to keep your hands soft and clean. Only a small amount required for each wash, to create a luxurious lather that gives you exceptional hygiene, that lasts.

The convenient pouch refills make it easy to keep your washroom dispenser stocked and ready for use. The sanitary sealed packaging ensures that the soap stays fresh and free from cross contamination.

With its gentle formula, this Luxury Mild Lotion Soap is suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. A great choice for all washrooms, such as schools, leisure centres or any where with a high volume of traffic.

Upgrade your hand care routine with PRO HANDCARE Luxury Mild Lotion Soap for quality, hygienic and effective hand care.

Each case contians 6 x 800ml sealed pouches.

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