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PRO Hand Santiser Gel >70% Alcohol
PRO Hand Santiser Gel >70% Alcohol
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Units: 6 x 800ml

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PRO Hand Santiser Gel >70% Alcohol

Sealed pouch refills

PRO HANDCARE Hand Santiser Gel sealed refills are designed for use with the PRO HANDCARE dispenser. They contain over 70% alcohol to effectively kill germs and bacteria. Simply insert the refill pouch into your dispenser and you'll be ready to keep your hands clean and germ-free.

PRO HANDCARE Sanitiser Gel is convenient and easy to use, making it simple to maintain good hand hygiene in any setting. With its high alcohol content, you can trust that this sanitiser gel will effectively eliminate harmful germs and bacteria. The sealed refills keep the sanitizer clean and effective by preventing cross contamination. They are easy to replace when empty for convenience.

The non-drying and non-sticky formulation is gentle on your skin, making it suitable for frequent use throughout the day and a perfect addition to any hand care regime. Having a reliable sanitizer like this one is essential for keeping yourself and others safe from illness. Stay proactive about your hand care routine with PRO HANDCARE >70% Alcohol Sanitiser Gel refills.

Perfect for use in offices, schools, hospitals or anywhere that requires frequent hand sanitisation.

Each case contains 6 x 800ml sealed gel refills.

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