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Numatic NVM-1CH Dust Bags for Henry Hoover
Numatic NVM-1CH Dust Bags for Henry Hoover
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Numatic NVM-1CH Dust Bags for Henry Hoover

Numatic code 604015

Original dust bags providing an efficient and mess free disposal of your hoovers' contents, for the Henry vacuum cleaner from Numatic. These bags maximise capacity and airflow, delivering peak suction. The three layers of material increase filtration, meaning what goes in, stays in.

Changing the bag in your Henry has never been so easy. Two clicks, and you can swap the Numatic Genuine Henry Dust Bags around in seconds. Their unique self-seal tab is designed to lock-in all dust collected in the bag, providing a mess-free solution for when its time to empty.

Not only do the original dust bags for the Henry vacuum cleaner from Numatic provide a convenient and hassle-free way to dispose of your hoover's contents, but they also make the whole process a lot easier. With just two simple clicks, you can effortlessly swap out the Numatic Genuine Henry Dust Bags in a matter of seconds. No more struggling or fumbling around with messy bags.

What sets these dust bags apart is their ingenious self-seal tab. This clever feature ensures that all the dust and debris collected during your cleaning sessions stays securely locked inside the bag. With these bags, you can enjoy a mess-free solution every time.

The material used for these bags is durable, meaning you won't have to worry about any tears or rips. No more second-guessing or wondering if you missed any stubborn particles. Once the dust is collected its gone for good.

They are incredibly spacious and have the capacity to hold a significant amount of dust. This means you won't have to constantly change the bags, saving you time and effort. With these Numatic Genuine Henry Dust Bags, you can keep your vacuum running smoothly for longer periods without any interruptions.

Easy-to-use design, self-seal tab, and durable material, you can enjoy a hassle-free and efficient cleaning experience. Achieve optimum cleaning results whilst extending your hoover's life by using these genuine Henry dust bags.

These bags are for NRV200 series, Numatic code 604015 NVM-1CH.

Compatible with container sizes: 160,180,200,240,250,300.

Available in either 10 or 80 bags.