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Bathroom Cleaner 20 x 750ml Sachets
Bathroom Cleaner 20 x 750ml Sachets
Code: 7431
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Units: 1 pack of 20 sachets

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Bathroom Cleaner 20 x 750ml Sachets

Environmentally Friendly Paper Sachets

Sustainable Bathroom Cleaner, in convenient, environmentally friendly pre-dosed paper sachets. Effective and easy-to-use for a clean and fresh washroom. Twenty chemical sachets in each pack. The equivalent of 20 x 750ml bathroom cleaner trigger sprays, in a compact pouch.

  • Effective fragranced cleaner
  • Soluble paper sachets
  • Pre-dosed formulation
  • No chemical contact
  • Reduce storage space required
  • Quick dissolve
  • Simple to use
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Avoid single-use plastic

Each high performance sachet contains a fresh, perfumed blend of citric acid and biodegradable chelates and surfactants, all in a pre-measured packet. Specially formulated to remove soap scum, water scale and general bathroom dirt.

Great value and effective bathroom cleaner, that offers an eco-friendly solution to chemical cleaning, with a reduced carbon footprint.

Avoid single-use plastic with compostable, recyclable, light and compact packaging. Unlike traditional cleaning chemicals, water is not transported. Helping to avoid bulk plastic single use containers and the extra weight and size associated with traditional cleaning chemicals. The user simply adds the pre-dosed sachet to water, reducing the carbon footprint.

Bathroom Cleaner 20 x 750ml Sachets are perfect for maintaining a clean, fresh smelling, eco-friendly bathroom, whilst also offering great value.

Suitable for all bathrooms and washrooms, at home and work. The convenient and small sachets make it easy to store and use, no chemical contact or incorrect dosing.

Simply drop the pre-dosed sachet into your re-usable plastic trigger spray with water, shake and use. Watch as the cleaner effortlessly removes debris and dirt from your bathroom. For full cleaning instructions please read our Safety Data Sheet.

Each purchase of the paper sachets contributes towards a tree planting initiative in the UK, vegan certified, not tested on animals. FSC certified.

Each pouch contains 20 pre-dosed sachets, the equivalent to 20 x 750ml trigger spray bottles. Mix with water on site in the re-usable Bathroom Cleaner 750ml Trigger Refill bottle (purchase separately).

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