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PRO Bio Laundry Powder 10kg
PRO Bio Laundry Powder 10kg
Code: 7207
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Units: 10kg box

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PRO Bio Laundry Powder 10kg

Biological washing powder for up to 135 washes

A powerful biological low foam powder for professional use that will remove dirt and stains, even at low temperatures. The blend of coloursafe oxygen bleaching agents and enzymes delivers brilliant results in all types of automatic washing machine. Full instructions are shown on the label.

Dosage instructions for a 4-6kg wash:

Water Hardness Soiling
  Light Normal Heavy 
Soft Water 74g 120g 175g
Medium Water 90g 140g 200g
Hard Water 120g 180g 250g

A 100g scoop is enclosed in the pail.

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