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Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner W8
Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner W8
Code: 7101
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Units: 12 x 750ml

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Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner W8

Directable toilet cleaner and disinfectant in angle-neck bottle

Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner expertly cleans and freshens toilets, at the same time as killing 99.99% of germs. Removes grime and limescale. Regular use prevents the build up of stubborn limescale and bad odours. Leaves behind a pleasant fresh fragrance.

Contains biodegradable detergents and complies with EU regulations. Not tested on animals.

Directions: Direct around toilet bowl and under the rim, allow 10 minutes contact time. Use with a toilet brush for stubborn stains.

Each case contains 12 x 750ml angle-necked bottles.

Very good

Pegswood Community Hub
25 September 2023

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