White Heavy Duty Square Bin Liners

A thicker than standard square bin liner, 38 x 60 x 60 cm approx.

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Units: 5 packs of 100

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White Heavy Duty Square Bin Liners

These white, square bin liners are 10mu thick, so opt for these if your bins get fuller than average. Each polythene bin liner is approximately 38 x 60 x 60cm. Each case contains 5 polythene bags of 100 bin liners giving 500 bin liners per case.

Customer Product Reviews

GILL BROWN   15 February 2018

good quality liner

Colin Clark   27 February 2017

Actually bigger than I anticipated which is a good thing

Lily Lapham   7 March 2017

Quality inconsistent.

Lindsay Smith   8 March 2017

Better than the standard version less prone to tearing. Great for our office bins.