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ACT Original Toilet Cleaner & Descaler
ACT Original Toilet Cleaner & Descaler
Code: 7107
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Units: 12 x 1 litre bottles

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ACT Original Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

Cleans and descales toilets and other ceramic surfaces, stainless steel safe.

Deep penertrating and fast acting, ACT Original can be used to effectively clean and descale toilets and urinals, whilst also being suitable for other ceramic and stainless steel surfaces. High performance, it easily removes built up limescale and stains often found in toilets and urinals. 

In addition to lavatory cleaning, ACT Original can also be used for damp wiping in washrooms and as a floor cleaner. A popular product, due to it's increased effectiveness and strength at tackling staining and limescale. 

Due to it's acidic and tough cleaning, ensure you follow the guidelines for dilution and timings. Do not use on acidic sensitive surfaces, such as marble, enamel and chrome. Always rinse off.

Great descaler not just for toilets,but for ceramic sinks, butler sinks.

Terry Cullen
27 June 2022

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