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Paper Wiping Rolls & Blue Rolls

Centrefeed or Centrepull Rolls Designed to go in wall mounted dispensers, these rolls unwind from the centre, and are ideal for hand drying or wiping/mopping applications. There is a wide choice of thicknesses and absorbency.

Couch Rolls Widely used to cover examination couches in doctors' surgeries, but also useful for wiping/drying applications where a large absorbent sheet is needed. we also have a polythene backed version for ultimate protection.

Hygiene Rolls Small rolls of 2 and 3 ply tissue that can be used for hand drying, lining trays in the surgery, or as a handy small wiping roll for mechanics on the move.

Kitchen Rolls Domestic type kitchen rolls.

Large Wiping Rolls Substantial rolls of wiping paper for industrial use and dairy towels. These typically have up to 1000 sheets on a roll, and can be dispensed from floor or wall stands.