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EcoNatural Interfold 2ply Hand Towel - 2782
This narrow width (21x21cm) Havana coloured recycled towel carries the EU Ecoflower accreditation.
EcoNatural Z20 Z Fold Towel - 2791
2 Ply Havana 100% recycled tissue. Fits narrow width dispensers (size 20cmx24cm)
EcoNatural Maxi Kitchen Rolls - 2793
A 150 sheet roll equivalent to 3 ordinary kitchen rolls
EcoNatural Standard Jumbo Toilet Roll - 2537
350m 2ply recycled Havana coloured tissue. 62mm core
EcoNatural Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll - 2538
180m 2ply recycled Havana coloured tissue. 62mm core
EcoNatural 3ply 800 sheet Dairy Wipe - 2705
25cm x 288m 800 sheets of thick, absorbent paper made from recycled tetrapack cartons. Ideal for use in the dairy or workshop.
Lucart L-One Mini Dispenser - 2787
Reduce wastage and enhance your washroom with this elegant system. Takes L-One Mini 180 refills. H24.5 x 18.5 x W19.3cm
L-One Mini 180 EcoNatural Toilet Roll - 2786
Refills for the L-One Dispenser and other centrefeed dispensers. 2 Ply Havana recycled tissue 13.4cmx180m. 900 sheets per roll.
EcoNatural 2ply Toilet Rolls - 2790
Attractively decorated 250 sheet Havana coloured tissue
EcoNatural 3ply Luxury Toilet Rolls - 2789
Supersoft 3 ply tissue, with 250sheets attractively printed sheets on a roll.
EcoNatural 2ply Centrefeed Roll - 2785
An economical multipurpose roll made from 2 ply Havana embossed tissue. 20cm wide x114metres long
L-One EcoNatural Dispenser Napkin 2ply Havana - 2794
16.4 x 21cm

Why choose EcoNatural tissue? EcoNatural is made from recycled drinks cartons, which are often sent to landfill. Our special process separates the high quality board from aluminium foil and polythene, to produce a high quality pulp from fibres that have been recycled for the first time. The resulting tissue is strong and soft, and it is left in its natural, unbleached “Havana” colour.

In European research, 79% of people interviewed felt that premises using paper products in this colour were likely to be more environmentally friendly than average. So you can help the environment, and impress staff or customers!