Catering Cleaning Cloths

A range of non-woven fabric cloths and rolls for primarily wet environments. Also a choice of thicknesses, from an economy cloth, through J Cloths, up to a heavy duty one which can be laundered several times.

Colour coding cleaning materials and equipment ensures that these items are not used in multiple areas, therefore reducing the risk of cross-infection.

This is especially important when cleaning with-in the medical field or food industry.

All cleaning materials and equipment, for example, cloths (re-usable and disposable), mops, buckets, aprons and gloves, should be colour coded.

• Red –– most often used in high-sanitary (high risk for the spread of infection) applications or in restroom cleaning, such as with toilets and urinals
• Yellow –– for sinks, counters and washroom surfaces; also used for specialty cleaning (counters, mirrors), gym areas and metal works
• Blue ––in lower-risk areas of a building, such as desktops, ledges, window cleaning and high and low dusting
• Green ––used in food-processing and food-serving areas, as well as bar areas

Catercloth 36x51cm - 1589
A heavier weight cloth that can be laundered many times
Multipurpose Cloths 33x50cm - 1572
Lightweight general cleaning cloths
Multicloth Perforated Roll - centrefeed rolls- 24cm x 125m - 1595
Non-woven fabric widely used in food and health sectors
Sofcel White Airlaid Cloths 30 x 33cm 55gsm - 2129
Thick Fabric cloths often used as washcloths. Great Wet Strengh
Griddle Pad Holder - 2434
Griddle Screens - 2436
Standard Centrefeed / Centrepull Dispenser H350mm x W230mm x D235mm - 1288
Smooth injection moulded plastic, featuring a self-locking cover with a universal key supplied (fits all matching dispensers).