C-Fold 1 Ply Recycled Paper Towels

Great value blue or green towels in either 2400 or 2880 sheet sleeves

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C-Fold 1 Ply Recycled Paper Towels

A great value C-fold towel made from 100% recycled 1 ply 37 gsm paper. Choose from either 2400 or 2880 sheets per case in either blue or green.

Be sure to place these in the dispenser the right way up as they are very hard to get out of a dispenser when stacked with the fold at the top.

Each towel is approximately 23 x 9cm when folded and 23 x 31cm unfolded.

Customer Product Reviews

Fred Grice   15 March 2017

Great value

v Trivedy   10 March 2017

good quality product.

Fred Grice   6 March 2017

Great value for money.

John Titley   3 March 2017

One of the better paper towels I have used

Fred Grice   25 March 2017

Excellent value for the money

Fred Grice   8 August 2017

Great value for money