Lucart Strong Z20 Z-Fold White 2 Ply Paper Towel
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Lucart Strong Z20 Z-Fold White 2 Ply Paper Towel

Narrow width 20 x 24cm quality towel to fit certain dispensers

Lucart's STRONG branded 2 ply white Z-fold paper hand towel fits 22cm wide dispensers.  A good value towel that is soft enough for use in hotels, offices and surgeries. PEFC accredited. The tissue is made from pure pulp making it very soft and absorbent. 

Each towel is approximately 20 x 8cm folded and 20 x 24cm unfolded.

Martin Chan   17 March 2018

lovely soft, slim z fold towels fit nicely into c fold dispensers

Kathleen Gorman   22 April 2018

These were the first towels which I bought for our office. There is quite a large choice on the website but the well-written descriptions helped me to make the perfect choice for my needs. They are of good quality at a reasonable price.

Anonymous   14 August 2017

perfect size z fold towel to fit a cfold dispenser, nice quality too

Kathleen Gorman   12 February 2017

Much better than I had envisaged in respect of appearance, softness and absorbency.

Martin Chan   8 March 2017

great product lovely soft towels fit the dispenser designed for c fold great

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