Chlorine Tablets
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Chlorine Tablets

One tablet makes 5 litres of bleach

An NaDCC based disinfectant tablet especially formulated to be effective against all food poisoning bacteria, MRSA, C Difficile (2,000 ppm min.), viruses, algae, fungi, etc. The tablets quickly dissolve in clean water to form a versatile disinfectant solution strength specific for the task. Suitable for general purpose sanitising, deodorising and disinfecting of most non-porous hard surfaces. Each tablet releases a minimum 1,000 parts per million available chlorine per litre of water even after prolonged storage. Always mix a fresh disinfectant solution every 24 hours or so if solution is visibly dirty. Warm water (not hot) will speed up the tablet dissolution time and improve disinfection.

  • Add 1 tablet to 5 litres of clean tap water to provide a solution of 200ppm available chlorine. Soak or wipe & leave for 5 minutes. Rinse if required.

200 tablets per pack, 6 packs per case.

So far so good

Endulge Therapy
7 February 2022

These are the best tablets we have used

Angela Andrews
3 April 2017