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Artificial Insemination Gloves
Artificial Insemination Gloves
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Artificial Insemination Gloves

Orange copolymer artificial insemination gloves, suitable for vets and farmers

Shoulder length artificial insemination gloves, made from a strong, stretchy EVA copolymer which offers superior sensitivity and protection.

Translucent orange, arm length gloves with high sensitivity and good feel through. Perfect for farming or veterinary services for reproductive work with animals, such as embryo transfers and pregnancy diagnosis.

Made from copolymer material, our gloves are durable, resistant to tears, and provide excellent protection. The orange colour ensures high visibility and reduces the risk of cross-contamination during procedures.

Experience the difference that comfort makes in your day-to-day activities. Maximum comfort ensures precise and accurate handling, enabling you to perform procedures with confidence. They are easy to put on and take off, which will save you valuable time and ensure a smooth workflow.

Our gloves are disposable, reducing the need for cleaning and reducing the risk of cross-contamination between animals. Packed in a dispenser box, for easy and convenient dispensing.

Ideal for veterinarians, zoological facilities, farmers and the agricultural industry.

A single one-size-fits-all, measuring 29 x 83cm and 30 microns in thickness.

the A.I, gloves are, sensitive but strong, for there tasks

Matthew Woods
29 April 2024

Competitive price and good product

N.A. Jones
30 January 2021

Great Gloves essential for our job!! Arrived swiftly with no hassle, thank you.

A.B Cow Support
8 November 2020

Very good quality, husband very pleased with them

Helen Vanstone
30 October 2020