Clear & Coloured Refuse Sacks

Clear refuse sacks and tinted coloured bin bags enable the users to view the contents of the sack without having to look inside. Often used at train stations, airports, shopping centres or offices for general waste to help avoid any security risks.

Clear bin bags are also a great choice and popular for mixed recycling and colour coded tinted refuse sacks are perfect for dividing the recyclables by type, ensuring recyclables are seperated correctly. Often waste management services will refuse to collect recyclable waste that is not collected in clear or tinted bags, as the see-through nature of the sack enables a quick visual check.

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We offer a comprehensive range of clear plastic bin bags in various thicknesses and dimensions to suit all applications, as well as tinted coloured bags (contents visible) where colour-coding waste is required. All our clear and coloured refuse sacks are made from recycled polythene blended with LLDPE for extra strength and classified as Medium/Standard Duty or Heavy Duty. Available in a range of sizes; standard, wheelie bin liner and compactor sacks, together with different capacities, gauge and burst strength's to suit the needs of the user.

Clear and tinted bags are also recyclable with some waste management services, contact your local authority to see if yours accepts clear and tinted sacks.

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