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V-Interfold Towels

Easipull Interfold 1 ply 25 x 21cm recycled - 2604
Basic good value hand drying in green, blue and white
EcoNatural Interfold 2ply Hand Towel - 2782
This narrow width (21x21cm) Havana coloured recycled towel carries the EU Ecoflower accreditation.
Lucart Strong V Fold 2 ply White 21 x 21cm (pure pulp) - 2396
Narrow width 21cm, Interfold towel to fit certain dispensers on the market. High quality pure white tissue.
Easipull Interfold 2 ply White 25 x 23cm (pure pulp) - 1343
Full size towel, soft pure pulp, glued and micro-embossed for a luxurious feel
Ellis Interfold 2 ply White 24 x 21cm (mixed pulp) - 2716
A mixed pulp hand towel with distinctive blue decorative patterned design
Satino Interfold 2 ply White 25 x 34.5cm - 2720
Embossed hand towel under the Satino brand, code 160017
Large Hand Towel Dispenser - 2155
Suitable for C-Fold or Interfold. White ABS plastic with grey window, lockable. Dimension H425mm x W290mm x D145mm
Interfold (V Fold) Hand Towel Dispenser - 1349
White ABS plastic with grey window, lockable. Dimension H265mm x W290mm x D145mm

Folded Size approx 25cm x 11cm

Our Interfold Towels , (also referred to as V Fold or Zig Zag towels) work like M/Z fold towels, pulling out the next towel each time one is used.  Because they are produced on high speed machinery, the cost works out cheaper than any other individual towel format.

They come in a utilitarian 1 ply version, popular with councils and schools, or thicker, softer 2 ply varieties. Flat size when opened out is similar to M/Z fold - about 25x23cm. When folded, they are deeper than C or Z Fold Towels, and really need a dispenser such as the one we recommend, or one of the branded dispensers with a depth of about 11cm.