Standard Centrefeed

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A very versatile dispensing system for anyone who needs lengths of absorbent tissue to wipe things or dry hands .The core of the paper roll is removable, so that paper can be fed in a spiral through the bottom of the dispenser. Most of our centrefeed rolls are perforated, and will tear when pulled upwards against the edge of the dispenser. Our Tufcel and Blue Tech glued and embossed papers snap off especially cleanly at the perforations.

This standard centrefeed roll is the most common type in use, offering a substantial amount of paper in a compact space. Typical sheet size at around 20x35cm is ideal as a hand towel or a wiping cloth. If you need a smaller unit, try our Mini Centrefeed Rolls, and a Maxi size offering sheets up to 38cmx38cm is available for industry and agriculture.

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