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Luxury 3 Ply and Airlaid fabric Towels

Luxury Airlaid White 8-Fold Napkin/Hand Towel - 2128
33 x 40cm
Luxury Airlaid Cloths - 2129
Soft, 55gsm 1/4 folded airlaid towels, 30cm x 33cm
Strong Lucart M-Fold 3ply White (pure pulp) - 2383
Probably the best towel in the range, 3 plies of pure pulp tissue in larger 4 panel format, 22.5 x 32cm
Lucart Helix Z-fold Towel Dispenser - 1355
Lucart logo white plastic dispenser designed specifically for Z and M fold hand towels.

These high quality towels are what's needed in smart hotel, restaurant, and office washrooms. The 3 ply paper towels go through the normal dispensers, while the airlaid fabric ones are stacked neatly near the sink as a replacement for linen towels.