Floor Pads

Black Floor Pads

  • Used for heavy wet stripping
  • Strips away wax and dirt quickly
  • Great for removing wax, dirt and floor finish

Green Floor Pads

  • Heavy duty wet scrubbing
  • Will remove dirt and light coats of finish
  • Great for removing scuff marks

Blue Floor Pads

  • Great floor pad for wet scrubbing
  • Removes light scuff marks and dirt
  • Can be used for heavy duty spray buffing

Red Floor Pads

  • Light cleaning and buffing
  • Removes light scuff marks and dirt
  • Produces a high gloss shine
  • Great floor pad for spray buffing.

Tan Floor Pads

  • mildly abrasive dry buffing
  • light spray cleaning
  • Wiill buff away light soil and remove scuff marks and dirt.
  • For polishing and gloss finish 


Floor Pads 15inch - 2655
In Red, Green & Black